The Friendship Association Denmark-China (Danmark-Kina) is a people-to-people association. The purpose is put shortly to promote friendship and understanding. Mutual respect is the foundation. It is also the place to get comprehensive information about China.

Danmark-Kina is one of the oldest friendship associations with China in the world as it was established as early as 1952. It is unpolitical and financially independent.

Among the many activities are publishing the magazine Danmark-Kina and arranging the grand celebration of the Chinese New Year in Musikhuset Aarhus. Follow on Facebook and see more.

Julie Brink is chairman of the Friendship Association Denmark-China (Danmark-Kina). She became a member of the association in 1975 and visited China for the first time in 1978. She is also editor of the magazine Danmark-Kina.


丹中友协主席Julie Brink自1975年成为成员后于1978年首次访问中国。Julie主席同时也是期刊Danmark-Kina的主编。

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